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Company Information


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This information is required for all owners with 25% or greater ownership. If no individual has greater than 25% ownership, we must have this information for the control owner. The social security number (SSN) must also be collected unless the organization is publicly traded on a US recognized exchange, a US government entity, or a Canadian entity. All foreign controllers will be required to submit government issued photo identification. If the organization is a non-profit (501c3), we will need to collect the information below for the person with significant responsibility to control the customer.



Trust Account Information
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Subscription Account Information



After a payment is made, when do I receive my funds?

Credit card, debit card, and ACH payments will take approximately 2 business days to settle to your bank account.

How do I track payments?

You will have access to our online dashboard where you can track and reconcile all payments that have been made. You can add as many users as you would like to the dashboard with no additional cost.

Are these transactions secure?

ePayPolicy doesn’t store any credit card or ACH information. Once a payment has been made, verified, and processed, we then expunge the client data from our system. We are PCI Level 1 compliant which is the highest level of compliance from the Payment Card Industry. We go through an annual audit of our systems and processes to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep you and your customers’ information secure at all times.